APCT Now Offering Full Turnkey Solutions
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APCT Now Offering Full Turnkey Solutions

Jun 28, 2023

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With the recent acquisition of Advanced Circuits and the subsequent acquisition of San Diego PCB Design, APCT has become the second largest printed circuit manufacturer in North America offering design, fabrication and assembly.

The design team is experienced and has the ability to offer its expertise in a number of design layout services: standard through-hole, high-density interconnect (HDI), signal/power integrity design, dense high-speed digital, and RF and rigid-flex. The IPC certified designers deliver accurate, high-reliability PCB layout designs to hundreds of customers across North America.

The assembly operation is located within the ACI headquarters in Aurora, Colorado. At this time, assembly is viewed as a “value add” to their customer base only. Offerings include both through-hole and surface mount capabilities, supporting prototype quantities of standard technology. All assembly is completed In-House.

Also available to the customer base is kitted/consigned, partial turnkey and full turnkey.