Industrial Vision Solution Provider BOIIR Raises Tens of Millions in Pre
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Industrial Vision Solution Provider BOIIR Raises Tens of Millions in Pre

Aug 20, 2023

EqualOcean has been informed that industrial vision solution provider BOIIR (Chinese: 玻尔智造) has recently secured CNY tens of millions in pre-A round funding.

Founded in 2020, BOIIR combines self-developed optical solutions and AI algorithms to detect surface defects on consumer electronics products. Relying on its core technology and defect detection effect, BOIIR has become a global specialized strategic supplier to a leading consumer electronics company in the field of appearance defect detection.

Machine vision inspection has been previously used in panels, PCB, printing and other industries, mainly for a single uniform two-dimensional plane. Consumer electronics products due to the existence of shaped, complex three-dimensional surfaces, the appearance of defect detection is still mainly completed by manual visual inspection. This means that a considerable number of workers need to observe the inspected objects under high-brightness lights for a long time, which may cause damage to the human eye, as well as limitations in accuracy, stability and working hours.

In this regard, BOIIR chose to integrate the whole machine with its self-developed and self-controlled optical imaging solution and AI image recognition algorithm.

Among them, the optical solution is like a pair of eyes, in the face of different materials, curvature, and reflectivity of the detection object, you need to synthesize the arc of light, light source wavelength and other elements, through the combination of light sources, lenses, cameras, to achieve a clear image of the inspected object. The complete optical program must have a one-time imaging capability, and shooting speed to keep up with the production line production speed and consider the feasibility of equipment production and cost.

Based on the precise image obtained by the optical solution, BOIIR inspection equipment further detects defects by AI image algorithms. For the inspection of some products and structures, BOIIR has established an exclusive mass production cooperation with a leading customer in the industry, further accumulating a first-hand and massive image database of the inspected products in the actual production line.

Currently, BOIIR has the largest market share in the power supply product inspection of a leading customer and will expand more material and structure inspection to meet the needs of more inspection objects. Meanwhile, combined with the customer's globalization layout, BOIIR will also further develop the Indian and Vietnamese markets.

In the future, BOIIR plans to take the consumer electronics industry as the foundation, relying on the established resources accumulated in Taiwan, China, to further explore the semiconductor field, and is now capable of completing the 10-micron ceramic substrate inspection. BOIIR's new R&D and assembly centers will be located in Shanghai, Zhuji, etc.

The lead investor in this round of financing is Haolan Capital(Chinese: 浩澜资本), with Yiren Capital(Chinese: 毅仁资本) as the exclusive financial advisor. Proceeds from the funding will be used for further R&D of proprietary optical imaging solutions and AI technology.