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Embeddded antennas

Aug 18, 2023

Amphenol RF has introduced embedded antennas supporting 8.5 GHz and cellular 4G/5G-FR1 frequencies along with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth/BLE and LoRa, UWB and GNSS.

Embedded RF antennas are suitable for IoT and smart devices due to their compact size and durable construction.

By surface mounting the chip antenna directly on the PCB, with SMT solution, the need for external antennas is eliminated.

These embedded antennas are manufactured out of ceramic or FR-4 materials. They are omnidirectional and clsimed to be high-performing antennas andveasy to tune. They are available in tape and reel packaging.

The small size of ceramic chip antennas enables efficient integration into compact devices where space is at a premium.

These antennas are suitable for smart utility meters, robotics, intelligent transport systems, set-top boxes and gateways, and mobile electronic wallets. Local technical support and matching of antennas is provided.

More at: Amphenol RF Embedded Chip Antennas Datasheet

David Manners